Master's Program (MS)

Two female researchers, a student wearing a hard hat and a faculty member, discuss experiments while a large open furnace sits behind them. There are two additional hardhats toward the bottom of the image.

The department offers two Master of Science (MS) degrees: one in Civil Engineering and one in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, and supports the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences' Engineering Science MS: Focus on Engineering Sustainability

Each 30-credit MS programs consist of three components (described in detail below): required courses, elective courses, and a culminating thesis, project, or exam.  To complete the degree, most students choose the “all-course” option, which consists of six credits of concentration-specific required classes, 24 additional credits of approved elective classes, and a comprehensive exam taken at the end of their final semester. 

Students may also complete (in addition to required classes) a 3-credit MS project and 21 credits of electives OR a 6-credit MS thesis and 18 credits of electives.  In all cases, the student’s academic advisor must approve the proposed program of study, including all required and elective courses to be counted towards the degree.  For the project and thesis options, a CSEE faculty member must agree to serve as the project/thesis advisor.

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