Dr. Ravi Ranade

Ravi Ranade.

Dr. Ravi Ranade joined the Institute of Bridge Engineering and the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering in 2014 after receiving his PhD in Civil Engineering (Structural Materials) from the University of Michigan.

He conducts fundamental and applied research in advanced concrete materials. His fundamental research on understanding the micromechanics of fiber/matrix interactions in high-performance concretes has led to a new class of concrete materials possessing a combination of high compressive strength and tensile ductility. Ranade and his students are developing a systematic method for designing ultra-high performance concretes (UHPC) based on scientific principles for achieving target mechanical and rheological properties along with long-term durability and resilience. 

His work has advanced the knowledge of piezo-resistive behavior of ductile fiber-reinforced concrete, which is necessary for developing self-sensing smart concrete materials. Simultaneously, Ranade and his students have developed low-cost, ultra-durable, green concrete materials for promoting the economic and environmental sustainability of our civil infrastructure.  His research group works closely and consults with the NYSDOT bridge engineers regarding repair and maintenance of bridges using advanced concrete materials.