Dr. Teng Wu

Teng Wu.

Associate Professor Teng Wu joined CSEE in 2014 following the completion of his PhD in civil engineering at the University of Notre Dame.

Wu’s research addresses the effects of service and extreme winds on the built environment. His interests include buffeting and flutter analyses, vortex-induced vibration, rain-wind induced vibration, hurricane hazards, non-synoptic winds, nonlinear aerodynamics, Volterra theory, reduced-order modeling, and computational fluid dynamics.

Wu received the 2016 Alfred Noble prize from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). The award recognizes a technical paper of exceptional merit whose first author is younger than 35. Wu and co-author/co-recipient Ahsan Kareem (University of Notre Dame) were recognized for their paper titled “Revisiting Convolution Scheme in Bridge Aerodynamics: Comparison of Step and Impulse Response Functions, which appeared in ASCE’s Journal of Engineering Mechanics in May 2014.