Baldy 200C

Baldy 200C.

Baldy 200C is the CSE Hardware/Software Integrated Systems Design Instructional Lab.  It hosts CSE hardware/software integrated systems design course recitations.

Evolution of Baldy 200C

Fact Sheet

  • Area: Baldy 200C class lab: 733.65 net square feet (nsf).  Baldy 200B storage closet: 76.43 net square feet (nsf)
  • Workstations: 11 Mayline Techworks lab benches, 16 BioFit ArmorSeat chairs, 6 WaveWorks flip/nest training tables, 12 Steelcase Move Chairs
  • Videoprojection: 1 flat panel monitor mounted on the east wall
  • Swipe Card Access: Granted to CSE faculty, undergraduate teaching assistants (UTAs) who teach class labs/course recitations hosted here, and students registered for class labs/course recitations hosted here
  • Most recently rehabbed in 2019


Over the last five years, Baldy 200C has hosted class labs/course recitations for these courses:

Affiliated Faculty