CSE Distinguished Service Award

Honoree Charles Tirone (BA '59, MD '63) addresses the 2019 CSE Alumni Award Celebration and Banquet, May 16, 2019.  

The CSE Distinguished Service Award recognizes alumni and Departmental Advisory Board (DAB) members who have dedicated their time, energy, and talent to the betterment of UB and CSE.

This award recognizes alumni and friends who have shown exceptional compassion and generosity to UB and CSE.

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We welcome partners to help endow our awards.  Please contact the CSE Alumni Awards Committee.

Number of Awards Installed Per Year

We install up to one (1) CSE Distinguished Service Award per year.

How to Apply

Submit these materials to the CSE Alumni Awards Committee:

  1.  A 100-word statement on personal achievement and qualification to the service award
  2. An updated CV (up to 3 pages)
  3.  One nominator’s letter from CSE faculty or DAB members (up to 2 pages)

Procedure and Timeline

  • Nomination: every Feb 1 – Mar 31 through a UB CSE webpage.
  • Dissemination: Call-for-nomination will be disseminated through the alumni mailing list, social networks, and department websites.
  • Selection: 3 CSE faculty and 3 DAB members will form an award committee to decide on awardees in April.
  • Celebration: The award will be announced in December. Awardee(s) will be invited to give a remark (in person or online) at the department award celebration event in the middle of May (the end of the Spring semester).

About the Author

  • Wenyao Xu.
    Wenyao Xu, PhD
    PhD, University of California, Los Angeles

    330 Davis Hall

    Phone: (716) 645-4748


    Associate Department Chair
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering
    School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

    Research Topics: Embedded and cyber-physical systems; body sensor networks; biomedical signal analytics; telemedicine; human-computer interaction