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This partial schedule of historical CSE departmental events includes events that we hosted before we migrated our events schedule to the UB Events Calendar.

Table: CSE Past Events
Date Event Series
Sep 28, 2017 50th Anniversary Celebration   YouTube icon to play 50th Anniversary Celebration Other
May 19, 2017 Commencement and Awards Dinner Other
May 10, 2017 Cynthia D. Rudin, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University, Models for Interpretable Machine Learning DSS
May 4, 2017 Barbara G. Ryder, J. Byron Maupin Emerita Professor of Engineering Dept. of Computer Science, Virginia Tech., Effective Program Analysis for Real-world JavaScript Applications DSS
Apr 20, 2017 Ellen Zegura, Stephen Fleming Chair in Telecommunications School of Computer Science, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, Computing for Social Good: Stories and Lessons from Eight Years of Student Projects DSS
Feb 2, 2017 Wendi B. Heinzelman, Professor and Dean, Edmund A. Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, University of Rochester, Reducing the Energy Footprint for Wireless and Mobile Communication Systems DSS
Dec 16, 2016 End of the Year Awards Reception Other
Dec 9, 2016 Departmental Demo Day Other
Nov 10, 2016 Nancy M. Amato, Unocal Professor and Chair Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Texas A&M University, Sampling-Based Motion Planning: From Intelligent CAD to Crowd Simulation to Protein Folding DSS
Nov 4, 2016 Alumni Student Reception Other
Nov 4, 2016 Industrial Career Day Other
Jun 16, 2016 Kevin Kwiat, U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Security-Aware Virtual Machine Allocation in the Cloud: A Game Theoretic Approach Colloquium
May 5, 2016 Michael Franklin, UC Berkeley and U Chicago, Emerging Trends in Big Data Software and the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack DSS
Apr 28, 2016 Hari Balakrishnan, MIT, Making Roads Safer by Making Drivers Better DSS
Apr 19, 2016 Bob Girardi, President and CEO, SofTrek Corporation, Agile Software Development   YouTube icon to play Agile Software Development Talk
Mar 31, 2016 Julia Hirschberg, Columbia University, Deceptive Speech Across Gender and Culture   YouTube icon to play Deceptive Speech Across Gender and Culture DSS
Mar 29, 2016 Dan Magnuszewski, Entrepreneur, An Engineer's Guide to Navigating the World of Tech Start-Ups   YouTube icon to play An Engineer's Guide to Navigating the World of Tech Start-Ups Talk
Dec 3, 2015 Barry Smith, University at Buffalo, Ontology in Buffalo: An Overview for Computer Scientists and Engineers Colloquium
Nov 19, 2015 Xiaodong Zhang, Ohio State University, Fast Accesses in Memory and Storage in Big Data Environment DSS
Nov 18, 2015 Sean Haneberg, Microsoft Studios, What is software engineering all about? Unexpected lessons from a decade at Microsoft, Xbox, and HoloLens Colloquium
Nov 5, 2015 Kamesh Madduri, Pennsylvania State University, High-Performance Graph Analytics Colloquium
Oct 27, 2015 Marina Blanton, University of Notre Dame, General-Purpose Secure Computation and Outsourcing Colloquium
Oct 1, 2015 Changxu (Sean) Wu, UB, Human Performance Modeling and its Applications in Systems Engineering Colloquium
Sep 25, 2015 Kuldeep Yadav, Xerox Research, SenseX: Design and Deployment of a Pervasive Wellness Monitoring Platform for Workplaces Colloquium
Sep 24, 2015 Yiran Chen, University of Pittsburgh, Brain-Inspired Computing: The Extraordinary Voyages in Known and Unknown Worlds Colloquium
Jan 30, 2015 Arnab Nandi, Ohio State University, Interactivity as a First-class concept in Database Systems Colloquium
Nov 24, 2014 Ben Langmead, Johns Hopkins University, Scalable software for analyzing large collections of DNA sequencing data Colloquium
Nov 6, 2014 Suresh Jagannathan, DARPA, Taming and Exploiting Big Data:A Programming Languages Perspective DSS
Oct 30, 2014 Fahiem Bacchus, University of Toronto, Optimization via MaxSat Colloquium
Oct 20, 2014 Lin Zhong, Rice University, Building a virtual personal computer out of multiple systems DSS
Oct 16, 2014 Xiaodong Wu, University of Iowa, Enabling Graph Techniques for Medical Imaging Segmentation DSS
May 1, 2014 Susan B. Davidson, Princeton University, Query Driven Crowd Mining Colloquium
Apr 3, 2014 Lance Fortnow, Georgia Institute of Technology, Bounding Rationality by Computational Complexity Colloquium
Feb 20, 2014 Abu Sayeed Saifullah, Washington State, St. Louis, Real-Time Wireless Sensor-Actuator Networks for Cyber-Physical Systems Colloquium
Feb 6, 2014 Song-Chun Zhu, UCLA, Understanding Video and Text by Joint Spatial, Temporal and Causal Inference DSS
Jan 30, 2014 Robert Sloan, Univ. Illinois Chicago, How Intelligent Are AI Programs? Colloquium
Dec 5, 2013 Kai Shen, University of Rochester, Harnessing the Hardware Execution Statistics for Dependable Multicore Servers Colloquium
Nov 21, 2013 Alberto Leon-Garcia, University of Toronto, Smart Applications on Virtual Infrastructure (SAVI) Testbed Colloquium
Nov 12, 2013 Lucja Kot, Cornell University, Fine-Grained Disclosure Control for App Ecosystems and Beyond Colloquium
Nov 5, 2013 Molham Aref, LogicBlox, Declarative Programming for the Cloud Colloquium
Oct 17, 2013 Xue-wen Chen, Wayne State University, Graphical Models and Applications Colloquium
Oct 10, 2013 Lane A. Hemaspaandra, University of Rochester, Search versus Decision for Election Manipulation Problems Colloquium
Oct 4, 2013 Buffalo Startup Weekend Conference
Oct 3, 2013 Vikas Singh, University of Wisconsin Madison, Multi-modality Kernel Methods for Inference Problems In Neuroimaging: Applications to Clinical Trial Enrichment Colloquium
Sep 26, 2013 Wenliang (Kevin) Xu, Professor, Department of EECS, Syracuse University, Enhancing the Security of Android Phones Colloquium
Sep 19, 2013 Sergio Greco, University of Calabria, On the Decidability of Logic Programs with Function Symbols Colloquium
Sep 10, 2013 Ed Lazowska, Bill and Melinda Gates chair in Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington, Keynote Address: "Big Data, Enormous Opportunity"
Aug 27, 2013 Eckehard Steinbach, Technical University of Munich, Germany , Visual Indoor Localization Talk
Aug 19, 2013 Wei Fan, Associate Director of Huawei Noah, StreamSMART: Large Scale Stream Data Processing and Its Application to Real-time Big Data Talk
May 11, 2013 CSE Graduation Reception Other
Apr 25, 2013 Michael T. Goodrich, University of California at Irvine, Using Data-Oblivioius Algorithms for Private Cloud Storage Access DSS
Apr 18, 2013 Matthew T. Mason, Carnegie Mellon University, The Idea of a Hand DSS
Mar 7, 2013 Jitendra Malik, University of California at Berkeley, The Three R's of Computer Vision: Recognition, Reconstruction and Reorganization DSS
Feb 26, 2013 Rong Zheng, McMaster University, Toward Autonomous Structure Health Monitoring Colloquium
Jan 24, 2013 John H. Reppy, The University of Chicago, Diderot: A Parallel Domain-Specific Language for Image Analysis And Visualization DSS
Dec 6, 2012 Zhen Wen, IBM T.J. Watson, People Analytics in Social Networks: Technologies & Applications Colloquium
Nov 16, 2012 Buffalo Startup Weekend is Nov. 16!
Nov 16, 2012 Buffalo Startup Weekend
Nov 15, 2012 Guoliang Xing, Michigan State University, A High-Fidelity Sensor System for Temperature Distribution Forecasting in Data Centers Colloquium
Nov 8, 2012 Alan Price, OSU, Recent Works in Realtime Responsive Animation: Installations and Performance Colloquium
Nov 8, 2012 Ben Pollard, Bloomberg, Bloomberg NEXT Talk
Nov 5, 2012 Brano Kusy, CSIRO, OPAL Sensor Node: Beyond Incremental Advances in Computation and Communication Colloquium
Nov 1, 2012 Yijun Sun, Microbiology and Immunology, UB, Toward Optimal Feature Selection through Local Learning Colloquium
Oct 18, 2012 Kannan Govindarajan, Co-founder and VP of DxContinuum, Six Enterprise Mega Trends Driving the Future of IT Colloquium
Oct 11, 2012 Archan Misra, Singapore Management University, The LiveLabs Testbed & Advances in Real-time Mobile Sensing/Analytics Colloquium
Apr 19, 2012 Larry S. Davis, University of Maryland, College Park, Context in Image and Video Understanding DSS
Apr 5, 2012 Ellen Yoffa, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, From Data to Insight: Highlights from the IBM Research Information & Interaction Team DSS
Mar 6, 2012 Joan Feigenbaum, Yale University, An Economic Analysis of User-privacy Options in Ad-supported Services. DSS
Dec 5, 2011 CSE moves to Davis 3rd Flr
Nov 28, 2011 CSE moves to Davis 3rd Flr
Oct 31, 2011 CEDAR/CUBS moves to Davis 1st Flr East
Oct 27, 2011 Ying Xu, University of Georgia, Genomic Location is Information: Computational Elucidation of Bacterial Genomic Structures Colloquium
Oct 20, 2011 Camillo J. Taylor, University of Pennsylvania, Parsing Indoor Scenes using RGB-D Imagery Colloquium
Oct 13, 2011 Jan Cuny, National Science Foundation, The CS 10K Project: Mobilizing the CS Community around High School Education
Oct 11, 2011 Tony Calandra, Cook Moving Systems, CSE Davis Move Orientation
Sep 22, 2011 Davis Hall Donor Event
Sep 22, 2011 Dr. Christopher Geyer, iRobot Corporation, Heads-up, hands-free operation of UGVs through Embedded Computer Vision Colloquium
Sep 22, 2011 Satish K. Tripathi, President, University at Buffalo, International Symposium on Computer Systems Research Symposium
Sep 15, 2011 Divesh Srivastava, ATT Labs in New Jersey, Enabling Real Time Data Analysis Colloquium
Jul 21, 2011 Greenfoot Workshop Other
Apr 29, 2011 Martin J Strauss, University of Michigan, Near-optimal Bayesian localization via incoherence and sparsity Talk
Apr 28, 2011 Tamer Ozsu, University of Waterloo, Internet-Scale Data Distribution: Some Research Problems DSS
Apr 21, 2011 Thomas Huang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Human Computer Intelligent Interaction DSS
Apr 15, 2011 CSE Graduate Research Conference
Apr 12, 2011 Michael Miksis, Northwestern University, Moving Boundary Problems Associated with Biopreservation by Desiccation Talk
Apr 8, 2011 Jonathan Lenchner, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Visibility and Path Planning Problems in Rectilinear Environments (UBCSE Theory Seminar) Talk
Apr 7, 2011 Eric Martinson, US Naval Research Laboratory, Learning to Listen with Ears, Eyes, and Feet Talk
Mar 31, 2011 Vincent W.S. Chan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Optical Flow Switching - a New Green Transport Mechanism for Fiber Networks DSS
Mar 29, 2011 Chris Mayfield, Purdue University, Embracing Uncertainty to Improve the Quality of Relational Data Talk
Mar 26, 2011 CSE Open House
Mar 25, 2011 Pavan Aduri, Iowa State University, Kolmogorov Extractors and Randomness Extractors (UB CSE Theory Seminar) Talk
Mar 11, 2011 Richard J Lipton, Georgia Tech., Quantum Complexity: Some recent results, some open problems, some thoughts Talk
Mar 10, 2011 Jing Gao, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Exploring the Power of Heterogeneous Information Sources Talk
Mar 8, 2011 GSA, CSEGSA, GSA Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Party Other
Mar 6, 2011 CSE Graduate Student Association, CSEGSA Bowling Party Other
Feb 17, 2011 Emin Gun Sirer, Cornell University, Building Trustworthy Networked Systems Colloquium
Feb 10, 2011 G. C. Nandi, Carnegie-Mellon University, Colloquium Talk Colloquium
Feb 10, 2011 CSEGSA Meeting
Dec 5, 2010 Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek)
Dec 2, 2010 Anna Gilbert, University of Michigan, Sparse Approximation and Algorithms Colloquium
Nov 18, 2010 Jim Royer, Syracuse University, Wholesale Analysis of Algorithms Colloquium
Nov 12, 2010 Alberto Apostolico, Georgia Institute of Technology & Universita di Padova, Computing Surprise Colloquium
Nov 11, 2010 Eric Allender, Rutgers University, Circuit Complexity meets the Theory of Randomness DSS
Nov 4, 2010 CSE Gripe Session Other
Nov 4, 2010 Jana Kosecka, George Mason University, Semantic Segmentation of Street Scenes Colloquium
Oct 28, 2010 Shoichiro Fujiwara, Fujitsu, Japan, Automatic Data Generation for Web Application Validation Colloquium
Oct 21, 2010 Baochun Li, University of Toronto, Practical Network Coding: 2002-? Colloquium
Oct 9, 2010 The 3rd Eastern Great Lakes (EaGL) Theory of Computation Workshop Conference
Sep 30, 2010 Barry Smith, University at Buffalo, Ontological Engineering Colloquium
Sep 13, 2010 The 2nd International Symposium on Data, Privacy, and E-Commerce Conference
Jun 17, 2010 Richard Lipton, College of Computing, Georgia Tech, Cryptography Meets Security Colloquium
May 17, 2010 Ian Pratt-Hartmann, University of Manchester, The Computational Complexity of Topological Logics Colloquium
May 6, 2010 Commencement Weekend
Apr 29, 2010 Pankaj K. Agarwal, Duke University, STREAM: Scalable Techniques for Hi-Res. Elevation Analysis & Modeling Colloquium
Apr 22, 2010 Maria Klawe, Harvey Mudd College, Gender and Computing DSS
Feb 22, 2010 Richard Stallman, MIT, Copyright v.s. Community Talk
Jan 19, 2010 Chip Elliott, GENI Project Office, BBN, GENI - Global Environment for Network Innovations Colloquium
Jan 14, 2010 Claire Cardie, Cornell University, What Were They Thinking!? Finding and Extracting Opinions in the News Colloquium
Nov 19, 2009 Sheila McIlraith, University of Toronto, Semantic Web Services DSS
Nov 12, 2009 Christoph Koch, Cornell University, DBToaster: Compiling Queries on Update Streams to Machine Code Colloquium
Oct 9, 2009 Alon Halevy, Google, Bringing (Web) Databases to the Masses DSS
Oct 1, 2009 Chang Wen Chen, University at Buffalo, Mobile and Networked Video: A Challenging New Era Colloquium
Sep 29, 2009 Cedric Vaudel, Aldebaran Robotics, Nao Humanoid Robot Talk
Sep 27, 2009 IEEE Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS 2009) Conference
Sep 25, 2009 Henry Hexmoor, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Multiagent Systems Research at Southern Illinois University Talk
Sep 17, 2009 Sargur N. Srihari, University at Buffalo, Computational Forensics Colloquium
Sep 3, 2009 Shriram Revankar, Adobe India Research Labs, Smart Documents: Challenges and Opportunities Colloquium
Jul 13, 2009 Computing and Combinatorics Conference (COCOON 2009) Conference
Apr 25, 2009 Alumni Symposium Symposium
Apr 24, 2009 New Building Groundbreaking Other
Apr 24, 2009 Graduate Conference Conference
Apr 16, 2009 Ian Foster, Argonne National Laboratory/University of Chicago, Services in Science DSS
Feb 26, 2009 Michael Kolling, University of Kent, Developing Software Tools for Programming Education: Challenges and Opportunities Colloquium
Feb 12, 2009 Vadim Kozlov, Moscow State University, The Discrete Geometrical Approach to Visual Pattern Recognition Colloquium
Dec 4, 2008 Howard Mitzenmacher, Harvard University, A History of and New Directions for Power Law Research Colloquium
Nov 20, 2008 Shree K. Nayar, Columbia University, Computational Cameras: Redefining the Image DSS
Nov 13, 2008 John Lafferty, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, Nonparametric Statistical Learning in High Dimensions DSS
Nov 6, 2008 Zygmunt J. Haas, Cornell University, On Networking in the Final Frontier Colloquium
Oct 30, 2008 Jiawei Han, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Exploring the Power of Links in Information Network Mining DSS
Oct 16, 2008 Dimitris Metaxas, Rutgers University, Stochastic, Hybrid Deformable Modeling Methods for Segmentation, Tracking and Classification Colloquium
Oct 2, 2008 Piotr Indyk, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sparse Recovery Using Sparse Random Matrices Colloquium
Sep 7, 2008 Eastern Great Lakes Theory Workshop Conference
Apr 10, 2008 Bernard Chazelle, Computer Science Department, Princeton University, Standing at the Dawn of the Algorithmic Age DSS
Apr 7, 2008 J.K. Aggarwal, ECE Department, University of Texas at Austin, Recognition of Human Activities DSS
Apr 3, 2008 Prabhakar Raghavan, Yahoo! Research, Web Search: Bridging Information Retrieval and Microeconomic Modeling DSS
Jan 24, 2008 Kenneth Regan, Computer Science & Engineering, University at Buffalo, New Research Ideas From Computer Chess Colloquium