UB Students of Concern Procedures

The university and the community-at-large provide numerous support services staffed with caring professionals whose missions are to help students who are negotiating difficult life events, whom we designate as students of concern.

Here we describe how to identify students of concern and get them into the support pipeline that will help them resolve their problems.

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How Do I Identify a Student of Concern?

Look for indications of trouble or personal distress, such as:

  • Notification of traumatic event
  • Deaths in family/close friends
  • Traumatic events
  • Health issues
  • “Distressed” behaviors
  • “Shifts” in behaviors (this includes unusual course performance)

How Do I Refer a Student of Concern?

Routine Concerns

Emergency Concerns

  • University Police: (716) 645-2222
  • Crisis Services of Erie County: (716) 843-3131

Behavioral Concerns

You MUST call University Police to file a report (even if it is after the student's behavior resolves or after the student leaves) - You request that the report is submitted to the University.

  • University Police: (716) 645-2222

Support Services

Support services are available at UB and in the community-at-large.  If a student of concern is a member of a particular community, consider seeking advice from or putting the student in contact with an appropriate support service.   

UB Support Services

Community Support Services

Facebook Groups

  • Buffalo Anti-Racism Coalition
  • Def That
  • For Harriet
  • Gender Focus
  • National LGBTQ Task Force
  • NowThis
  • Pride Center of WNY
  • Racial Justice: Colorlines
  • Southern Poverty Law Center/SPLC on Campus
  • Veterans Support Group, Inc

Training Opportunities

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