CSE Space Request/Room Scheduling

Event participants gather in Davis 338A, a CSE conference room

UB provides an institutional online space reservation system known as the UB Events Management System (EMS) (alternately, the UB Space Request System).

UB did not consider that the EMS acronym is already well-understood to mean "Emergency Medical Services".

UB's Office of the Registrar supports the UB EMS.  UB requires all UB institional entities to use this system.

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Meeting Spaces

Schedulable Spaces

Building Room Dean's Office Name
Common Name Net Square Feet (nsf) Capacity COVID-19 Capacity Calendar
Davis 113A N/A Conference Room 723 36 6 Davis 113A
Davis 310 RKB Conference Room Conference Room 336 12 3 Davis 310
Davis 338A Cadigan Conference Room Conference Room 727 34 6 Davis 338A

Ad Hoc Spaces

Building Room Dean's Office Name
Common Name Net Square Feet (nsf) Capacity COVID-19 Capacity Calendar
Davis 338P N/A Chair's Office 288 10 3 N/A

Open Questions

  1. May CSE faculty schedule events themselves, or must they ask a scheduler to do it on their behalf? Diane Vannatter used to allow CSE faculty to schedule single, one-off events themselves, but reserved the right to schedule recurring events.
    • Single, one-off events?
    • Recurrent events?
  2. How are scheduling conflicts resolved? Such as when a new HUB course is added to a space to occupy a series of recurrent timeslots, but previously-scheduled one-off events already exist in some of those timeslots? I think the EMS system recognizes conflicts and alerts the scheduler of their existence.


  1. CSE faculty and staff may schedule single-instance events themselves.
  2. CSE faculty and staff should email cse-room@buffalo.edu to schedule recurrent events.
  3. CSE faculty and staff obtain access automatically based on their UB employee affiliation to Davis Hall exterior doors, CSE general purpose spaces, and assigned CSE research spaces.
  4. CSE faculty advisors may grant graduate or undergraduate students access to CSE research labs on a per-semester or ongoing basis.  Contact: cse-consult@buffalo.edu
  5. CSE faculty advisors may grant their Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTAs) access to CSE conference rooms (Davis 113A, Davis 310, and Davis 339A) as required by official duties on a per-semester basis.  Contact: cse-consult@buffalo.edu
  6. CSE faculty and staff advisors may grant students access to CSE Copy/Mail Room Davis 338U on a per-semester basis.  Contact: cse-consult@buffalo.edu
  7. CSE student club/professional organization executive board (e-board) members may request access to CSE conference rooms.  Contact: cse-consult@buffalo.edu.
  8. CSE faculty and staff may use the CSE Chair's Office, Davis 338P, for ad hoc meetings.  We don't include Davis 338P in the scheduler because the Chair will need to use the office to meet with external parties on an unpredictable basis.  

EMS Desktop Client Download

  1. Launch the VPN with the Adminvpn group selected.  Enter UBVPN credentials.
  2. Use Chrome or Firefox to access the EMS Desktop Web Deployment link.
  3. Disable any popup blockers for this site.
  4. Click the “Download and Install the EMS Desktop Client” link.
  5. You will be prompted to save two files. They must be saved to the same location.
    1. EMSApplication.exe
    2. emswebdeployconfiguration.cfg
  6. Browse to the saved files and double-click EMSApplication.exe
  7. The installer will run with no additional interaction required
  8. The EMS login window will appear
    1. User ID: ad\ immediately followed by your UBITName
    2. Password: Your UBIT password


  1. The UB EMS automatically imports central course registration data from the UB HUB.  Departments may schedule events in conference rooms in available timeslots after courses have been scheduled in them.


  1. Katelyn Typhair, EMS Coordinator, Office of the Registrar
  2. Stephanie Lichtenthal, Project Manager, University Events Department


Room Schedulers