CSE Procedure to Order Dell Equipment from UB ShopBlue

Colorful computer cabling.

ShopBlue is a fully integrated eProcurement system allowing authorized UB faculty and staff to place orders for necessary goods and services.

Ordering with UB ShopBlue

Access the UB ShopBlue website using the link below. UBITName and password are required. ShopBlue can be used by anyone with a valid UB appointment who needs to make a purchase for work.

Note: If having issues with login, please contact cse-purchasing@buffalo.edu or UB ShopBlue System Support at 716-645-4500 or UBS-ShopBlue-Support@buffalo.edu

  1. Click on Punch-Out Supplier’s Name

    After logging in, on the ShopBlue homepage, go to the "Showcases" widget. There is a Dell icon under the Electronics heading.
  2. Browse Dell’s Catalog

    Once you select Dell’s logo, you will be directed to the supplier’s external web based catalog. When accessing a punch out supplier through ShopBlue, you are automatically authenticated to the supplier, so the supplier’s website knows which organization you are from and will show the appropriate products and pricing.

    On the supplier’s punch out catalog, search for the desired products from the supplier’s catalog. Click to add the products to your cart.

    You can accept the default configuration by clicking ‘Add to Cart’. Or click on ‘Customize and Buy’ button to customize your order.

  3. Review and Submit your Order:

    Once you’ve added all desired items to your cart on the punch out supplier’s catalog, go to the Cart to view your items. There is a shopping cart icon in the upper right hand corner of the site.

    Within the cart, click on the ‘Save eQuote’ button.

    Fill out the Quote Detail, Order Contact, Shipping and Billing information.

    Make sure to click on the “+Add another email” under the Order Contact heading to add 'cse-purchasing@buffalo.edu'. This will ensure the proper Email recipients will receive an order acknowledgement, order confirmation and shipping notification which includes detailed pricing information.