Alumni News


The 2016-2017 academic year holds the record for the largest number of graduating students at UB’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in history, a testament to the school’s increasingly renowned international reputation.


“Know that if you do good work, you will be helping someone somewhere in the world,” were some of the words of wisdom Ashish Shah (PhD ’93, MS ’89, Electrical Engineering) shared with students and fellow alumni during the annual Engineering Celebrations event.

It will take 220 million pounds of steel, 300,000 cubic yards of concrete and more than 5,800 workers to build the New NY Bridge—and seven UB alumni are helping to bring it all together. 
The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences mourns the passing of Erich Bloch (BS ’52), who pioneered the development of IBM’s mainframe computer and later served as director of the National Science Foundation. Bloch died November 26, 2016 at age 91.

The award honors Crassidis’ commitment to excellence in aerospace engineering education.


Located in UB's business incubator, Nupur Technologies LLC has sold nearly 200 machines since February.