Alumni News

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences mourns the passing of Erich Bloch (BS ’52), who pioneered the development of IBM’s mainframe computer and later served as director of the National Science Foundation. Bloch died November 26, 2016 at age 91.

The award honors Crassidis’ commitment to excellence in aerospace engineering education.


Located in UB's business incubator, Nupur Technologies LLC has sold nearly 200 machines since February.


Angiograft, co-founded by recent chemcial engineering graduate Sindhu Row, PhD, develops a way to make artificial blood vessels for people with heart disease and could help reduce the costs associated with coronary bypass surgery.

In less than six months on the job at Alta Devices, Yanshu Li (BS/MS/PhD EE 2011/2014/2016; BA Math 2011) helped the solar power technology company break a world record.
When civil engineer Marc Edwards (BS ’86) warned Michigan state officials and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that lead-contaminated drinking water was poisoning the children of Flint, he expected them to declare an emergency. Instead, the regulators insisted there was no cause for alarm. That’s when Edwards, now frequently described as “The Hero of Flint,” realized he would have to take matters into his own hands.