General Education Requirements

Summary of UB Curriculum Requirements

Engineering Majors Computer Science Majors

For computer science majors entering UB Fall 2021-Spring 2022

Some required UB Curriculum courses are automatically fulfilled for computer science majors by completion of their required courses. To review the UB Curriculum in its totality, please see the university Undergraduate Catalog. The remaining UB Curriculum requirements that students completing a computer science degree need to fulfill are outlined below with links to the current class schedule pages where you will find possible course offerings/class descriptions.


UB Seminar
Transfer students entering UB with 45 or more credits earned at a US institution will enroll in the one-credit UB Seminar (EAS 198). First-year computer science and engineering majors will take CSE 199 or equivalent UB Seminar.  


3 or 1 credits


UB Seminar
Transfer students entering UB with 45 or more credits earned at a U.S. institution will enroll in the one-credit UB Seminar (EAS 198). All others will take the three-credit UB Seminar. Most first-year engineering majors take EAS 199; Computer science and engineering majors take CSE 199.


3 or 1 credits

Communication Literacy 1 – ENG 105

Placement will be determined through use of high school GPA and English grades for those students who do not have an SAT/ACT score

Students with an SAT ERWS score >=630 or an ACT English score >=27 are considered to have met this requirement.

Students who earn an AP English Language and Composition score of 4 or 5 will receive articulated exam credit for ENG 105.

4 credits


Math and Quantitative Reasoning (MQR)

Computer Science BS students satisfy this requirement with MTH 141. Computer Science BA students may use MTH 141 or MTH 121.


4 credits


Scientific Literacy and Inquiry Sequence

Students must complete at least 7 credits, including one laboratory. The lab must be from the same subject area as one of the completed lecture courses.


Computer Science BS students must choose from: BIO 200, BIO 201, BIO 211, CHE 101, CHE 113, CHE 105, CHE 107CHE 108CHE 127 and CHE 128, GLY 101, GLY 102, GLY 103, GLY 105, PHY 107, PHY 108, PHY 117, PHY 118, PHY 158


Computer Science BA students are advised to choose from: GEO 101GEO 104GEO 106GLY 101GLY 102GLY 103NTR 108NTR 109BIO 129BIO 130PHY 121.  Labs include: GEO 105GLY 105NTR 110BIO 129BIO 130.
A full list of combinations is available in the Undergraduate Catalog.


7 credits


Diversity Learning Requirement

Students are required to take at least one three-credit course focusing on domestic diversity. Computer science majors may incorporate a diversity course into either the Global or Thematic Pathway.




Thematic and Global Pathways

Computer Science BS courses are included in List 3 of the thematic pathways, and the List 3 class for the global pathway can be completed within required electives. Computer Science BA students can complete the List 3 class in both pathways within the required external concentration or electives.  For more information, see Pathways for Engineering and Computer Science Students.


18 credits total; 12 credits outside of the major.


UB Capstone – UBC 399

The Capstone is the culminating experience of the UB Curriculum program.

1 credit