Jane Sinclair

Jane Sinclair.

Senior Academic Advisor

E, Mu-Mz, Q, T

Education: BA in Psychology and MA in Anthropology, University at Buffalo

Academic Path:  I began my academic career with the goal of being a clinical psychologist. While I enjoyed my studies, I found that it was not something that inspired me, so I decided to study archeology in graduate school, which is something I really enjoy. While studying, I was a graduate assistant academic advisor helping non-traditional, adult learners. I found that this was an incredibly rewarding experience and when the opportunity arose to join the team as a professional advisor, I took it.

Specialty Areas:  Transfer Admissions and Transfer Articulations

Hobbies and Interests:  I enjoy drawing/painting, reading, travel and hiking.  I have two children and can often be found either playing pool with my son or being taught Tik Tok moves by my daughter.  I am not good at either of these activities!