Accelerating the use of integrated incident management system (IIMS) for traffic incident data collection and management


External Collaborators: Rutgers University, General Dynamics Information Technology

Project description

Road under construction.

Traffic incidents have significant negative impacts on the safety and efficiency of overall transportation system performance. The transportation community has consistently strive to improve the transportation incident management process. This project demonstrates the ability of the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) General Dynamics Information Technology’s (GDIT) Integrated Incident Management System (IIMS) to improve traffic incident management.

The goal of this project is to demonstrate the IIMS’ ability to: (1) provided improved sharing of incident reporting between first/secondary response teams and operations centers; (2) improve situational awareness, enhance coordinated response to incidents and safety of incident scenes; and (3) reduce incident duration and impact (lane closures, delay and occurrence of secondary incidents) using analytical tools to correlate IIMS with vehicle sensor and other data sources.

In order to achieve these goals, researchers deploy the enhanced IIMS in NYSDOT Region 3, and area including Central New York and Onondaga County. UB’s team will evaluate the IIMS and gauge the level to which the system helps achieve the goals. 


$1,159,714; U.S. Department of Transportation and New York State Department of Transportation