Parham Rohani

PhD Student

Rohani with his equipment.

“Smart students, hardworking young faculty, and phenomenal equipment in the CBE department are the main reasons for its truly high-ranking position.”


My decision to attend UB CBE was mainly because of my advisor's recommendations in Sharif University of Technology, Iran. Although I read a lot about UB on the Internet, my advisors’ personal academic experiences at UB broadened my perspective and helped me to make my decision. When I attended UB, met the faculty and understood more about their research, I found that my decision was right and hoped for the best in my new life experience far from family and friends. 

I joined Professor Swihart’s research group as a masters student and focused on ZnS nanoparticle synthesis with different morphologies using a spray pyrolysis reactor. Diverse research directions and large number of students in Swihart’s group increased my passion for scientific research more and more. Furthermore, lots of collaborations both in academia and industry further encouraged me to continue my scientific life by joining the PhD program under supervision of professor Swihart.

The main focus in Swihart’s lab is material science and nanotechnology. My research focuses on synthesis and application of nanoparticles prepared via a laser-induced pyrolysis of gas mixtures. The prepared and post processed nanoparticles can be used in a wide rage of applications such as photovoltaic devices, biological imaging, lithium-ion batteries and on-demand hydrogen generation from water.

During my work I learned a lot from graduate students, visiting scholars and especially Professor Swihart himself. He is very kind and helpful. Our weekly individual group meeting is a good example of how he spends a lot of time with his students to help and encourage them to do great work not for himself, but for themselves.