Venus Amiri

PhD Student

Venus Amiri.

Anticipating graduation in 2024, I'm originally from Bandar Abbas, Iran, and found my way to UB due to its proximity to Canada, recommended by a family friend and UB alumni. What makes UB special for me is the variety of research happening in the Chemical and Biological Engineering department. It's a collaborative space where I get to work on diverse projects with fellow students.

My interest in engineering was sparked back in high school, driven by a fascination with math and science. The campus holds a special spot for me – the peaceful lake near the Center for the Arts is my favorite spot to unwind. Currently, my focus is chemical kinetic mechanism generation for large n-alkanes which can be applied as a fuel for hybrid rocket motors.

Beyond classes, I've been involved as a secretary in the Graduate Student Association and part of Women in STEM. These experiences have been vital for building connections. I take pride in how even failures have shaped me into a realistic and determined individual. With Prof. Mark Swihart as my advisor, I've found invaluable support.