Adam Rall

PhD Student

Adam Rall in server room.

“UB CBE has continually challenged me to be a better student, a better
researcher, and a better teacher. ”

- Adam

I am currently working in Dr. Errington's lab, studying the properties of water/carbon dioxide mixtures using molecular simulations. I find both the physical background and practical implementation of these simulations fascinating, and I love having the opportunity every day to write and interact with code that can model real-life systems with practical applications.

After graduating with a BS in chemistry, I worked at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology in Jena, Germany, where I had my first exposure to the world of scientific research. When I returned to the United States, I knew almost immediately that I wanted to further my education. Being a native Buffalonian, I also knew that UB would be an excellent choice. So far, I have genuinely enjoyed my work, every interaction that I've had with the faculty, and the great resources we have for computational research here. I am also extremely grateful for the chance to serve as a teaching assistant for both undergraduate and graduate courses and as an instructor for an undergraduate summer course in thermodynamics.