Lingxiang Zhu

PhD Student

Zhu adjusting the valves on his experiment.

“This is exactly the right place for me--and every student--to conduct research and pursue their degree. In this warm department, professors, colleagues and staff are always ready to lend a hand to others.”


UB CBE is a leading chemical engineering program in U.S. with reputable faculty members and state-of-the-art research facilities. Covering fields ranging from biological engineering, to materials, and to computational science, CBE offers numerous and diverse opportunities in research; each chemical engineering student here can find his or her real interest.

By Fall 2013, I joined Dr. Haiqing Lin’s group, and now I am focusing on design and preparation of polymeric membranes for hydrogen purification and carbon dioxide capture. Polymeric membranes provide an efficient and low-cost approach for gas separation since such technology does not involve any phase transformation, which is energy-intensive. The objective of my current project is to develop systematic structure/property relations for a new generation of membrane materials for the removal of CO2 from mixtures with H2 at elevated temperatures. In the long run, by utilizing membrane-based CO2 capture technique, our team hopes to offer solutions to recent significant environmental concerns such as global warming and climate changing.