Shuen-Shiuan Wang

PhD Student

Shuen-Shiuan Wang is a PhD student who recently graduated from the Sriram Neelamegham lab.  

"Carbohydrates are one of the most essential elements in organism that regulate virtually all biological processes. Different forms of carbohydrate structures regulate from cell-to-cell interactions, host-microbiome interactions to development, inflammation and infectious diseases and cancer metastasis. My research primarily focuses on using small molecules (usually monosaccharide analogs) to modify the carbohydrate structures aiming cell adhesion, and therefore, regulating the leukocytes penetrating to sites of inflammation and cancer metastasis. After understanding the function and the mechanism of such molecules, their pharmacokinetics and dynamics will be studied before they are released as a drug. Having experiences on designing and testing a potential drug targeting on different biological processes will help me achieving my future goal of working in the area of pharmaceutical sciences no matter in academy and/or in industry. Drugs and medication may not always be able to save a person's life forever, but it can help to extend one's life a little bit longer, so he/she gets a chance to make the life more colorful and memorable. I am very proud to be in a part of this drug design process."