Wenjing Guo

PhD Student

“The UB CBE department makes every effort to ensure that all the graduate students are well prepared for their future careers. I am fortunate to be part of the department”

- Wenjing

After finishing my undergraduate education in China, I decided to attend UB to get my doctorate degree in the CBE department. I chose UB CBE because it is internationally known for its high quality research. After I got here, I was impressed by the strong academic environment as well as the friendliness of the faculty and colleagues. The department provides lots of opportunities for us to explore our interests and gain in-depth knowledge in the research field. For example, a weekly seminar series is organized by inviting scholars around the world talking about their cutting-edge research. The annual graduate research symposium is another great opportunity for us to share and discuss our research with faculty, staff, colleagues and the local community.

I am now working under Prof. Errington to study the phase behavior and interfacial properties of fluids. Now I am focusing on using Monte Carlo simulations to study the bulk properties of an aqueous hydrocarbon system as well as the interfacial behavior of the system in the vicinity of a clay surface. We hope the information collected can be used to improve petrochemical industry and environment protection.