Dinesh Kumar Behera

PhD Student

PhD student Dinesh Kumar Behera talking to another student in front of a research poster.

"UB CBE offers an intellectually challenging platform that not only ensures my passion for research is nurtured but also has helped me prepare for my future career."

- Dinesh 

University at Buffalo is the largest public university in northeastern United States, providing students with unlimited opportunities and a vibrant campus culture. UB has one of the largest numbers of international students nationwide which not only helped me find a second home but also helped me in expanding my horizon by interacting with people from all across the globe.  The reputable faculty members and state-of-the-art research facilities were the primary reason for selecting CBE at UB. Covering fields ranging from biological engineering, to materials, and to computational science, UB offers numerous and diverse opportunities in research. The faculty-student interaction, the seminar series and the CBE annual symposium not only offer a platform for growth of knowledge but also help in honing and sharpening your skills as an individual. 

I joined UB CBE in Spring 2021, working with Dr. Miao Yu’s group. The focus of my work is designing, developing and preparing in-organic membranes for carbon dioxide capture from point source line power plants. In-organic materials offer great potential as a low-cost membrane material for high throughput membrane systems as these systems don’t use the energy intensive separation mechanism of phase change. My present work involves development and scaling up of the next generation of transformational membranes for separating CO2 and N2 with high productivity and selectivity.

As a long-term goal, we envision the utilization of these membranes as technologies for abatement of CO2 emissions which have been the major source of concern for environmental problems like climate change and global warming.