Tanmay Suresh More

MS Student

headshot of phd student Tanmay Suresh more.

"The friendly, student-centric approach and energetic atmosphere of the CBE department propels you to move forward."

- Tanmay


My decision to join UB CBE was based on the department's focus on working on fundamental research while also providing you access to state-of-the-art facilities on campus. My advisor's academic experience at UB helped me to gain a broadened perspective on research and collaborate with other researchers in the department.

I joined Prof. Swihart’s research group as a graduate student with a focus on the Fabrication of HEMOs nanoparticles using solid-state synthesis and their physical characterization. The fabricated and post-processed nanoparticles exhibit extensive properties (i.e. dielectric, magnetic, thermal, catalytic) and they can have comprehensive applications in Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems (ESS). Additionally, an abundant collaboration between academia and industry has further enriched my experience under Prof. Swihart's supervision. So far, I have enjoyed every interaction with other graduate students, visiting scholars, and especially Prof. Swihart. He has been very helpful and takes pleasure in giving his students enough time, resources, and feedback about their work.

Furthermore, I am tremendously grateful for the wonderful opportunity to serve as a graduate student assistant at Material Characterization labs (MCL), I am particularly grateful to Shirley for granting me this opportunity and I am confident that the skills I have acquired during my time there will serve me well in my future.