Xinheng Yu

PhD Student

"The weather in Buffalo is similar to the environment of my hometown, northeast in China. I like the beautiful snow scenery and fun of snow weather activity with my friends"


My research will focus on developing a novel 'Glycoprobe' model for the high content analysis of cellular glycosylation process, and validating it using CRISPR-Cas9 based experiments and glycoinformatics analysis. I would like to continue a post-doc education and become a professor in the future. My work right now provides an efficient system-level toolkit to investigate cellular glycosylation pathways and networks, which will provide a promising platform for further glycan research.

My current research will contribute to discovering the hub glycan biomarkers, and provide insight into glycosylation pathway and networks in diverse cells and tissues important to disease and production of recombinant therapeutics. Moreover, a clear glycoconjugate synthetic map will contribute new ways of targeting inflammation using metabolic and competitive inhibitors.