Graduate Appointments


How can I get a TA/SA/RA appointment?

  • Teaching Assistant's (TA's) are nominated by MAE Faculty members
  • Research Assistant's (RA's) are chosen by MAE Faculty members.
  • Student Assistant's (SA's) are advertised for. Keep a look out for these and discuss with MAE Faculty Members.
TA's RA's SA's

Teaching Assistant's

TA's will have a mandatory TA Orientation at the start of the semester. You will be notified by email with additional information.


  • If you have been newly appointed, or haven't been appointed in year, see Rosemary for paperwork packet
  • A Tuition Remission Form must be submitted every semester


What will my compensation be?

This information will be included in your offer letter; You will be paid bi-weekly in accordance with UB Payroll.

Do I need to submit timesheets?


How do I enroll in Health Insurance?

Please contact UB Human Resources for more information.