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The research could improve unmanned aerial vehicles and other complex defense systems.


UB's Nanosat Laboratory members had the distinct honor of receiving an Astropreneurship Award, which recognizes entrepreneurs or individuals whose efforts have made the commercialization of space in New York State a reality.  

An article on Fox News about a memorandum signed by President Trump officially establishing an interstellar armed forces interviews John Crassidis, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering in the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.
An article on NBC News which reports on a giant “energy kite” that’s flying off the coast of Hawaii interviews John Hall, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering.
An article on WBEN-AM reports Moog Inc. has given $1.5 million to support creation of an endowed position in the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and that Kemper Lewis, professor and chair of mechanical and aerospace engineering, will become the first Moog Professor of Innovation starting in January.  

Moog’s gift supports the creation of a three-year appointment of a highly regarded faculty member who demonstrates a strong track record of research, teaching and industry collaboration in areas of mutual interest to Moog and UB.


One September night, senior aerospace and mechanical engineering student Jessica Evans unsuspectingly picked up the phone. On the other end Evans heard the unexpected yet familiar voice of Jacquie Walker, local Channel 4 news anchor and namesake of a prestigious scholarship from the Buffalo chapter of the American Association of University Women.


UB alum and entrepreneur Bradley Cheetham came back to campus to share best practices for starting and maintaining a successful business.