MAE Advisory Board

MAE Advisory Board Members during their Spring 2017 visit.

Our Department Advisory Board (DAB) is composed of successful alumni, thought leaders, and tech pioneers from across academia, industry, and government.

Department Advisory Board Members

Dr. Mark Glauser, BS '82, PhD, '87

Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Syracuse University

Mr. Robert Harrison, BS ' 83

Advisory Board Chair;

Vice President of Engineering and Construction and Transmissions, Developers, Inc.

Dr. Daniel Inman

Department Chair of Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan

Mr. James van Oss, BS '81, MS '83

Aerospace and Defense PLM Architect and Strategist at Moog Inc. Space and Defense Group and Aircraft Group

Andreas Polycarpou, BS '90, MS '92, PhD '94

Department Head and Chair in Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University

Dr. Lesley Weitz, BS '02

Principal Simulation Modeling Engineer, The MITRE Corporation

Past DAB Members

Mr. Thomas Gerber, BS '00

Engineering Leader, New Product Development, Ingersoll Rand

Dr. Donald Leo, MS '92, PhD '94

Dean of the College of Engineering at University of Georgia

Mr. Carl Mende, BS '84

President/Owner DynaTech Control Solutions

Landis Markley

Research Scientist, Emeritus, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center