Graduate Appointments


How can I get a TA/SA/RA appointment?

  • Teaching Assistant's (TA's) are nominated by MAE Faculty members
  • Research Assistant's (RA's) are chosen by MAE Faculty members.
  • Student Assistant's (SA's) are advertised for. Keep a look out for these and discuss with MAE Faculty Members.
TA's RA's SA's

Student Assistant's


If you have been newly appointed, or haven't been appointed in year, see the Graduate Academic Coordinator for paperwork packet


What will my compensation be?

$15/hour; You will be paid bi-weekly in accordance with UB Payroll.

How many hours a week can I work?

20 hours/week for all SA appointments combined.

How many hours a semester can I work?

100 hours/semester for all SA appointments combined.

Do I need to submit timesheets?

Yes, timesheets are required and can be submitted online

Timesheets must be submitted on time (biweekly) in order to be paid on time.

Can I have multiple SA positions?

If a student is granted multiple SA positions, all faculty involved must agree that this is permissible prior to appointment acceptance. If permission is granted, the student is required to provide this documentation to Rosemary Lombardo.

I have been assigned an SA position. Why can't I see my position in the SUNY Portal?

Once your appointment has been approved by MAE, it can take 1-2 weeks for the final approval to be processed.