Undergraduate Research

students in research lab.

Undergraduate students are encouraged to become involved with research under the mentorship of our faculty members. 

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MAE 498/499

Once an undergraduate research opportunity or independent study is secured, students can register for MAE 498/499 in order to gain credit towards a Technical Elective. Students must register for 3 credits of MAE 498/499 in order for it to count towards one of these electives. A maximum of 6 total credits are permitted from all of the courses MAE 496, MAE 498, and MAE 499 combined.

Current MAE Undergraduate Research Projects.

Start a project to build skills and gain real-world experience for your career. The Experiential Learning Network's Project Portal is the easiest place to get started! Once you start a project, you can also pursue an ELN Digital Badge to display your accomplishments to future employers and graduate schools.