Student Life

UB offers a wide variety of opportunities for students both within and beyond engineering.


All full-time graduate students are eligible for student membership in the Buffalo Student Chapters of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and/or the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. In addition, graduate students, regardless of society memberships, are eligible to compete in student paper competitions sponsored by the ASME and the AIAA.

MAE Graduate Lounge

The MAE-GSA lounge is located at 248 Bell Hall, and is typically open during business hours when classes are in session. Reservations may be accommodated upon special circumstances with advance notice. 

MAE Graduate Student Poster Competition

Every spring, MAE Graduate Students have the opportunity to present at the MAE Graduate Student Poster Competition. Selected winners go on to compete at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Graduate Student Poster Competition.

Photos from the 2018 MAE Graduate Student Poster Competition.