Beyond the Classroom

Whether you're looking for an internship, a student club, a research opportunity, or scholarship information, UB Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering has the resources for you.

  • 9/4/21
    Internships and co-ops are an excellent way to gain hands-on experience in the engineering industry. In both cases, students are eligible to earn academic credit that may fulfill degree requirements.
  • 1/15/20
    Undergraduate students are encouraged to become involved with research under the mentorship of our faculty members. 
  • 2/16/18
    Wether you're interested in automotive engineering, building satellites, robotics, aircraft design, or just getting together with your engineering peers, there is probably a student organization for you.
  • 11/5/19
    MAE, SEAS and UB offer a wide variety of scholarship opportunities for our students.
  • 11/5/19
    UB offers a variety of opportunities for students who wish to study abroad. You can take classes towards your UB Curriculum or take Engineering classes with a global perspective.
  • 2/16/18
    Learn more about the steps needed to graduate, preparing for Graduate School and connecting as an Alumni.

Additional Resources