Our Students and Alumni

Members of the UB MAE family continue to thrive in their innovative research and professional endeavors. 

Graduate Students

  • Hamlet Spencer

    “The faculty members are amazing. They really go that extra mile to make sure you understand and are comfortable with the material.” Hamlet Spencer, MS Student, Mechanical Engineering

  • Rosa Abnous

    "When I was applying for graduate schools, UB was my first choice because, it has great varieties of demanding research areas. I am very happy to pursue my PhD in UB because it gives me the opportunity to make a strong background, a great support from my advisor and a pleasant working environment." Rosa Abnous, PhD candidate, Mechanical Engineering

  • M.h (Hooman) Ansari

    "What I really like about UB is the diversity among its students and faculty members. UB has many student clubs for students to join and do what they are passionate about." M.h (Hooman) Ansari, PhD candidate, Mechanical Engineering

  • Philip Odonkor

    “Perhaps MAE’s best-kept secret, the services offered through TA office hours have been of tremendous help to me throughout my graduate school career. It is amazing how big of a difference TA’s make in improving the learning experience. It is almost like having a personal tutor at your service, but for free.” Philip Odonkor, PhD student in Mechanical Engineering.