Getting Started at UB MAE


21 Paycheck/Year v. 26 Paycheck/Year

21 v 26 pay differences 21 Pay starts Mid-August, with insurance starting 6 weeks after. There is no summer Pay and you can switch to 26 Pay after 1 year. 26 Pay starts September 1 with insurance starting October 13. Pay is year-round and you can never switch to 21 pay.
21 v 26 Pay Recommendation from MAE

We recommend for your initial appointment to start as a 21 Pay. If you start on a 26 pay salary, your pay and benefits will be delayed by 1-2 weeks. Before the start of your second year, you can switch to 26 Pay, which will take effect September 1.

Special Circumstances

Please contact David Love with any extraordinary situations regarding your hiring. We want to make sure your transition is smooth and reduce stressful situations for you, your family or your colleagues coming with you from another institution. Some examples of extraordinary situations may be: you or your spouse are pregnant, you are bringing a student with you for your research, funding transfers, hiring a post-doctoral associate.

Complete your UB Welcome Packet To-Do List

Let us know if you have not received your UB Welcome Packet. Your welcome packet is your key to accessing the university and will help you get your career started. This packet will help you learn about the services UB provides.

UB Email

The Welcome Packet will include instructions on setting up your email address. While your Email Address is automatically assigned, faculty can make changes by contacting UBIT.


Once you have your UB Email, you can signup for a UBbox account. UBbox is an unlimited cloud storage space used by UB students, faculty and staff to store, share, and access documents (similar to Dropbox). This is often useful for those who need help with data transfer.


Working at UB offers world-class benefits that exceed salary alone, such as health and retirement plans.

Union Information

You will have the option to join the union. Either way, 1% of your pay will go towards the Union. You can contact your Union Rep for more information.

Time & Attendance

Monthly timesheets are processed through the SUNY Portal. At the beginning of each month you will need to login and log any sick time that you have used the previous month and submit it to the department chair.

  • Select Time & Attendance Twice
  • Select “Charge Time/View Calendar”
  • Submit at the bottom of this screen.
  • To approve Students’ Timesheets: “Supervisor/Approver” at top right of screen.

UB Orientation

Human Resources will be extending an invitation to a mandatory benefits orientation. This is your opportunity to consult with staff about your benefit options before making your initial selections. Be prepared to choose your health and retirement plans.

UB Holiday Calendar

The holiday calendar includes the holidays officially observed by all UB employees (paid by the state, Research Foundation or UB Foundation).

MAE Facilities Setup


UB has contracts with major computer companies that help ensure an easy purchase experience and quick service if there is ever a machine problem. Computer purchases will be charged to Start-Up Funds.


Science & Engineering Node Services (SENS) is a full-service, customer-oriented support organization at the University at Buffalo that provides computer and technical support and assistance. SENS should be your first point of contact, and they will redirect to UBIT if ncesssary.

Contact SENS:


You will be given an office phone with your name programmed into the directory. UBIT can provide information on setting up your voicemail and using your phone.

Key Access

The MAE Facilities Coordinator, Joshua Sugg, can provide keys for faculty and student use by request.

UB Card Access

You will be given access to MAE spaces that require swipe card access through your UB ID card. Spaces include Bell 340C, Bell 211, Bell Kitchenette, Jarvis Copy Room, Furnas 206.

Ordering Furniture

MAE follows SEAS design standards and uses approved manufacturers for all furniture orders. The MAE Facilities Coordinator, Joshua Sugg, can assist you with this process.


MAE has two printing locations: 211 Bell Hall and 331 Jarvis Hall. To install these on your computer, follow these instructions:

Moving Reimbursement

During your move, it is extremely important that you get and keep receipts for every purchase, including fuel and tolls, for any expense that you incur. Note that meal purchases cannot be reimbursed. When you arrive, you will give all of these receipts to Marty Fye. Reimbursement processing generally takes up to 6 weeks.

Start-Up Purchases

Start Up purchases should be initiated through The MAE Purchasing Form

MAE Overview

MAE Faculty Leadership

Francine Battaglia - Department Chair

David Salac - Graduate Studies Director

James Chen - Undergraduate Studies Director, Aerospace Engineering

Jason Armstrong - Undergraduate Studies Director, Mechanical Engineering

MAE Staff

Michael Bellotti - Program Support Specialist

Stephen Hart - Senior Program Support Specialist

Eliza Lefebvre - Undergraduate Coordinator

David Love - Director of Administration

Philomena S. Marinaccio - Academic Advisor

Tom Shifflet - Program Support Specialist

Joshua Sugg - Facilities Coordinator


MAE Spaces

Classrooms/Seminar Rooms

Bell 340C - Lecture Classroom. Capacity: 20
Furnas 206 - Seminar Room. Capacity: 50 (Shared space with Chemical and Biological Engineering.)


Furnas 621 - Materials Lab used primarily for MAE 385. Capacity: 20
Furnas 810 - Systems Lab used primarily for MAE 334. Capacity: 20
Furnas 1019 - Computer Lab used primarily for MAE 376/377. Capacity: 30
Jarvis 216 - Wind Tunnel Lab used primarily for MAE 338/339. Capacity: 28

Conference Rooms

Jarvis 321 - Conference Room. Seats 10
Furnas 603 - Conference Room. Seats 10
Furnas 1014 - Conference Room. Seats 10
Bell 251 - Conference Room. Seats 8 (No closed door meetings, unless Brittany is in the meeting or not in her office.)