Teaching Resources

Teaching Plans

Each January, you will meet with your respective area groups to discuss your teaching plan for the upcoming fall/spring semesters. Additionally, you will work with the Department Chair to determine courses and course load.

The Undergraduate Academic Coordinator is responsible for managing MAE course schedules each semester. The vast majority of our classes are scheduled by Office of the Registrar in Centrally-Scheduled Space (CSS) and thus requests for specific rooms are not accepted. 

We can make requests based on classroom capacity and time/day only. It is important that we follow best-practices in regards to scheduling our lecture courses during the standard framework (see below). You will receive a copy of the upcoming semester’s scheduling requests several months in advance for your review. It is important to review the requested capacity and time/day at this point. Once a class has been scheduled by the Scheduling Office and/or students have registered, it is extremely difficult to change.

Final exam requests will be taken a few months prior to the start of the semester. The schedule will be published one week prior to the start of classes, and exams cannot be changed after the Friday of the first week of classes. Students are responsible for contacting the instructor of the class to notify them of a class conflict and professors should schedule alternate times for these students to take final exams. An exam conflict exists when: three or more exams are scheduled in the same day or two exams occur at the same time.

Note that Final Exams cannot be held during the final week of the semester.

Exams and other adhoc requests should be submitted  via the MAE Portal. These should be requested at least 3 business days in advance. (the earlier the better!).

Non-Class Related Events

Non-class related events can be scheduled in any available MAE spaces, or through the Student Life office.

Teaching Support

Teaching Assistants

Faculty nominate students to hold Teaching Assistant positions each year. The Director of Graduate Studies then allocates and assigns TA’s to courses, and gets approval from the Graduate Studies Committee, where the Chair and DGS make final assignments.


Faculty recruit students to act as graders through various means of their choosing. Faculty must approve timesheets through the SUNY Portal for all graders in order for them to be paid. It is important that you also encourage your students to submit these on time.


It is important that we follow University Standards regarding posting of dates. You will post grades via HUB.

Grade Change Forms can be submitted via the SEAS Portal.

Student Registration Policies

Pre-Requiste Policy

All Undergraduate courses follow strict pre-requisites policies, as directed by ABET. Exceptions should be used only in extreme cases.

Graduate Informal Courses

Students seeking registration in an informal course (i.e. Masters Research) must fill out an Informal Course form. 


During the fall and spring semesters, students may add or drop regular session classes until the end of the 7th day that classes are in session, including Saturdays.

Class Capacities & Waitlist

Many of our courses are filled to maximum capacity. We will not register students beyond this, per fire marshal regulations. These courses have waitlists setup through HUB, and students seeking registration should add themselves to waitlists. You can view your class's capacity here.

Requiring Instructor Permission

Undergrad electives and grad courses can require instructor permission prior to registration. Please notify the Undergraduate Academic Coordinator if you would like to require this for a course you are teaching.

Teaching Preparation

Ordering Textbooks

All Faculty can submit textbook orders online.

UB Learns

Blackboard on UB Learns is the course management system at UB. Instructors can use UB Learns to post syllabi, readings and assignments, as well as communicate via email, virtual chats or discussion boards. Contact UBIT for help.

Classroom Technology

UBIT’s website has information on what UB technology classrooms have to offer (including hardware and seating capacity), and find instructions for using the teaching stations and other classroom technology. You can also report an issue with your classroom’s technology here.

Center for Educational Innovation

Our center provides essential university services, such as UBlearns support, UB Course Evaluation, online course design, scoring and academic program assessment, to support excellence and innovation in teaching, learning and assessment.