SEAS in the News

An article in the Dayton Daily News about the March 22 death of a forklift operator at an automotive glass company in Moraine, Ohio, and concerns that high-pressure work environments across the country are causing more injuries on the job interviews Lora Cavuoto, assistant professor of industrial and systems engineering.
An article on New York Upstate reports on UB research on embedding self-powered wireless sensors the size of key fobs under roads in order to provide updates on road condition to transportation planners and drivers with connected vehicles, and quotes Wenayo Xu, assistant professor of computer science and engineering.
NBC News quotes John Crassidis, Samuel P. Capen Professor, about a Japanese company’s plans to create on-demand, artificial meteor showers in outer space.

An article in Smithsonian magazine about a new super-lightweight insulating material that scientists say could prove to be a better, more eco-friendly alternative to Styrofoam interviews Mark Swihart, UB Distinguished Professor of chemical and biological engineering.

An article on Nanowerk about photostriction, which allows certain materials to undergo a change in internal strain – and therefore shape – with exposure to light, interviews Shenqiang Ren, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering.
An article on Tech Xplore about a UB project that would use networks of self-powered wireless sensors laid under the road surface to provide regular updates on road conditions to transportation planners, drivers with connected cars and others quotes Wenyao Xu, assistant professor of computer science and engineering.