SEAS in the News

An article in Scientific American about how drones do – and don’t – threaten small, low-flying passenger aircraft after quadcopters crashed into a helicopter and airplane interviews Javid Bayandor, founder and director of UB’s Crashworthiness for Aerospace Structures and Hybrids (CRASH) Lab.
A story on The Daily Beast interviews Blaine Pfeifer, professor of chemical and biological engineering, about a new pneumonia vaccine under development that could prevent 72 forms of the disease as well as anticipate future versions of the bacteria responsible for pneumonia.
An article in Quality Digest by Kemper Lewis, professor and chair of mechanical and aerospace engineering, looks at the future of manufacturing and why focusing on what the U.S. made yesterday will only go so far in saving American manufacturing today.
An article about a detailed report about the life histories, behaviors and ecosystem impacts by four species of the invasive Asian carp reports Helen Domske, associate director of the Great Lakes Program at UB, is one of four experts from New York who helped develop the document.

The Buffalo News reports that UB's Helen Domske helped develop a report on the life, behavior and ecosystem impacts of invasive Asian carp.

A story on WBFO-FM reports on a device being developed by Edward Furlani, professor of electrical engineering and chemical and biological engineering, that uses light to kill germs on the outside of cell phones and other small electronic devices.