Qiuxing “Q” Chen

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Campus/Community Involvement: I am a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and I am a TA for STEM Communications.

Fun Fact: : I enjoy baking all kinds of goods from banana bread to macarons (my favorite being castella cake). 🍰 I’ve learned to bake at the age of 11 and have been baking for bake sales and family gatherings ever since! 

What advice do you have for future UB students? 
My advice for future students is to never be shy about asking questions! It may be difficult to do so because of fear of judgment from peers, but in the end, it’s your understanding of the material that matters! Only you can truly understand the course material for yourself. Other students may be too shy to ask the same question and you have helped them as well! This is often times the case for many engineering students due to the complex concepts introduced to the courses.

Ask me about...

  • Having a minor
  • Living away from home
  • Being first-generation
  • Moving to the U.S.
  • Time management