Social Media

The SEAS Communications Office leads school-wide social media initiatives and provides guidance and support to our departments and units.

Example of SEAS Instagram posts.

Getting Started

Social media requires strategy. As you build out your strategy,  you should consider the following:

  • Whether the UB SEAS accounts, or another account in SEAS, already provides similar content. Partnering with an existing account, rather than creating a new one, may help you reach more people with less effort by leveraging their established follower base
  • Whether you have both the content and time to maintain a channel. 
  • Where your audience expects to find your social media content
  • What types of content you expect to share

The SEAS Office of Communications can help you answer these questions. 

Share your stories in SEAS

Would you like to highlight a student or faculty achievement, or promote research happening in your area? The UB SEAS channels share the stories of our engineering and applied sciences community.

Simply provide the details and we work with you to get the word out across our channels. 

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