Inclusive Hiring Practices for Faculty

We pride ourselves on building an inclusive experience for faculty and students from their very first interactions.

In keeping with this effort, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has put together a set of recommended steps towards inclusion as units work to hire faculty on the tenure and non-tenure track.

An inclusion approach to hiring processes considers how to equip all candidates for jobs to be successful in securing opportunities to join our faculty with a particular focus on making candidates successful and embracing difference.

Questions or Comments?

If you'd like to speak with someone in SEAS about inclusion, diversity, or equity, feel free to contact Dr. Letitia Thomas in the Office of STEM Diversity or Dr. Kristen Moore in the Department of Engineering Education.

The project of developing an inclusive school and department is ongoing here at UB. If you have suggestions, comments, or queries about any of this content, we'd love to hear from you and incorporate your feedback into this and other initiatives towards inclusion. You can contact Dr. Kristen Moore directly or if you prefer, complete the anonymous form below: