Email Communications

Email campaigns can be an effective way to promote your department or unit. Learn about the different ways to carry out email communications in SEAS.

Overview of SEAS Email Communications

Departments and units in SEAS utilize a variety of email platforms and tools to send email communications, depending on the purpose of the message and audience. 

Faculty and staff interested in sending email communications to SEAS listservs can get in touch witth SEAS Information Specialist James Friedman. Learn more about electronic mailing lists at the university at UBIT's Listserv page.

The SEAS Dean's Office also maintains a Mailchimp account for the purpose of sending department/school newsletters, news alerts and special event announcements. Email communications supported by the Office of Communications include:

Email Signatures

The email messages that you send from your account come from you, but they also represent the University at Buffalo. As part of the university's identity strategy, a consistent and cohesive approach to email signatures is essential to projecting our institutional excellence. To help maintain consistency and professionalism in the email signatures used by faculty and staff, please adhere to the best practices and standards on our Identity and Brand page.

E-Newsletter Templates

We provide branded Mailchimp email templates for all of our departments. These templates are available in the SEAS Mailchimp account or may be downloaded for use in other other Mailchimps accounts.

For university branded email templates and formatting information, visit the UB Identity and Brand website

Header and Footer JPEGs

If you need headers and footers for an email design in something other than Mailchimp (such as Constant Contact or Slate), you can download and utilize the header and footer images available from the link below.

Example of a newsletter.