SEAS Student Listservs

SEAS Student Listservs are moderated electronic mailing lists for authorized personnel to use in communicating important and helpful information to undergraduate and graduate students in SEAS. At the undergraduate level, we maintain lists for each department. At the graduate level, we maintain a single list for each field of study. We subscribe students who are active, enrolled, and listed in HUB in the appropriate listserv(s) automatically. If a student has no records in HUB, they will be removed from the listserv.

To post a message to a lisetserv, please send the message to:

If you would like to post a message to one of the listservs, please send a request, including the relevant listserv(s) and email text, subject, and attachments, to a listserv editor or to

Please keep in mind that the reply to a message from listservs will hit the listserv, but not the sender. If you are not an editor of the listserv, you need to wait for moderation by, which is not a 7/24 available account. You may need to wait for up to 1-2 business days.

Questions regarding listservs? Contact

Description Name
Aerospace Engineering Graduate Studentsasegr-l
All Aerospace Engineering Undergradsaseug-all-list
All Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Undergradsbcs-ug-all-list
Biomedical Engineering Graduate Studentsbegr-list
All Biomedical Engineering Undergradsbeug-all-list
Computational and Data Enabled Sciences PhDcda-cdse-list
Data Sciences and Applications MPScda-mps-list
Chemical Engineering Doctoral Studentsce-doctoral-list
Chemical Engineering Masters Studentsce-masters-list
Chemical Engineering Graduate Studentscegr-l
All Computer Engineering Undergradscenug-all-list
All Chemical Engineering Undergradsceug-all-list
Civil Engineering Graduate Studentsciegr-l
Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Graduate Studentsciegrl-ewe-list
All Civil Engineering Undergradscieug-all-list
Computer Science Graduate Studentscse-grad-list
Computer Science and Engineering Undergradscseug-all-list
All Computer Science Undergradscsug-all-list
Engineering Sustainability Graduate Studentseas-sus-list
All Undecided Engineering Undergradseas-ug-all-list
All Engineering Graduate Studentseasgr-l
Electrical Engineering Graduate Studentseegr-l
All Electrical Engineering Undergradseeug-all-list
Engineering Management Graduate Studentsemo-gr-list
Engineering Science MS & EAS PHD Graduate Studentsensgr-l
All Engineering Science Undergradsensug-all-list
All Environmental Engineering Undergradsenv-ug-all-list
Industrial Engineering Graduate Studentsiegr-l
All Industrial Engineering Undergradsieug-all-list
All Material Science and Engineering Undergradsmatug-all-list
Materials Design and Innovation Graduate Students - MDImdigr-list
Mechanical Engineering Graduate Studentsmegr-l
All Mechanical Engineering Undergradsmeug-all-list
All SEAS First-Year Studentsseas-all-firstyear-list
SEAS Club Presidentsseas-club-presidents-list
All Doctor students in SEASseas-doctor-all-list
Grad Commencement Studentsseas-gr-commencement-list
All SEAS International Studentsseas-international-list
All Master students in SEASseas-master-all-list
Undergrad Commencement Studentsseas-ug-commencement-list
All SEAS Studentsseasstu-all-list
All SEAS Undergraduate Studentsseasug-all-list
Sustainable Transportation and Logistics Graduate Studentsstlgr-list