Creative Services

Provide your audience with digital and physical materials that communicate your message and maintain UB’s brand and identity. We design materials to promote your department, programs and activities, and give you the tools to elevate your content.

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Templates and Tools

Microsoft Word and Powerpoint templates, virtual backgrounds, and more are available for departmental use and quick turnaround projects. These downloadable templates include best practices and step-by-step instructions on using the template to ensure consistency across SEAS.

Printed Promotional Items

We design printed promotional materials, including posters, postcards, brochures and other collateral. Once you have identified your needs and idea, submit a creative services request and we'll contact you shortly.

Print Vendors

We recommend using Print Services for your printing needs like black and color copies, posters, business cardsdepartment letterheadenvelopes and more.

Examples of printed promotional materials.

Branded Merchandise

Sometimes known as promo gifts, giveaways or "swag," promotional products are customized UB merchandise that are a great way to celebrate school spirit and promote your department.

Before ordering promotional items or merchandise, you'll need to work with approved vendors and complete the UB trademarks request form to get approval from  UB Trademarks and Licensing to purchase items with your department lockup.


Pop-up banners help you welcome current and prospective students, professionals and other attendees to any of your departmental or unit events. When submitting a creative services request, you will need to provide the vendor information, dimensions, and, if applicable, any specific text and images you would like to include.

Examples of branded merchandise.
Examples of banners.

Environmental Design

Integrating the brand throughout the department's physical spaces will help add visual interest to a space and create a cohesive look that makes a memorable impression on students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Please review these guidelines before starting your environmental project – whether that’s redesigning a space or creating new graphics.

Example of environmental graphics.

Stationery System

University stationery is a tangible expression of our brand identity. These standardized designs ensure consistency and impact in our written communications.

Printed Stationery

All printed UB stationery must use the official brand typefaces and watermarked paper stock available exclusively through Print Services.

When ordering letterhead or envelopes, specify which sub-brand logo you'd like in the Special Instructions after proofreading and submitting the order. Print Services will send you a proof before printing.

Digital Stationery

These Microsoft Word letterhead templates make it easy to create customized digital stationery to use in email, web and other electronic applications.

These templates are for electronic communication only.

Digital Signage

  • When using PowerPoint to create digital signage content, be sure to use the wide-screen slide size at 20in width by 11.25in height.
  • If dealing in pixels, use full-screen at 1920px width by 1080px height.
  • We can display almost any file type (PPT, PNG or JPG files all work well).

On Screen Now!

View digital signage that is currently on rotation on our schools monitors

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