News and Publications

With a school as vibrant and fast growing as the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, there is no shortage of important and interesting stories to tell.

We are proud of the accomplishments of our students, faculty, staff and alumni, and look to promote these accolades through the preparation and dissemination of news articles and special publications.

News Coverage

How a newsworthy item is covered and where it will appear depends on a few different factors, including the topic and intended audience(s). SEAS news coverage can be broken down into a few broad categories, and is summarized in the table below.

News Category/Sites Topics Covered

University-level external news: UB News Center

Major research outcomes and awards, research papers that garner many citations or are published in highly ranked journals, national honors/awards, SUNY/UB awards, university-wide events
University-level internal news: UBNow
Internal news topics of interest to employees, including major news, feature stories, and important announcements

Schoolwide news:
SEAS News & Events page, Buffalo Engineer magazine

All of the above + Other research awards, student clubs competitions, school awards, media mentions, school-wide events

Department-level news:
Department news pages, newsletters

All of the above + Poster competitions, local honors and awards, department-specific scholarships, student clubs in regional/local competitions, department-specific events

Our Writing Style

Communicators at UB and in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences adhere to a customized version of the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook in our news articles and much of our other written content. There are some exceptions to AP Style as noted in the UB Brand and Identity guidelines.

Submit News

Are you a faculty member, student, alum or staff member of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences with something newsworthy to share? We encourage you to tell us about your honors, awards and achievements by completing the news form below.

Our Publications

An indepth look at some of the most critical discoveries and achievements over the past year.

An annual publication that provides a snapshot of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The report provides information about new faculty and initiatives, statistics on rankings, enrollment, degrees awarded, and research expenditures, along with other highlights of the school's people and programs.

Our strategic plan to enhance academic excellence and continue to grow our reputation nationally and internationally.

Examples of past publications.