Teagan Allart

Major: Chemical Engineering

Hometown: Pittsford, NY

Campus/Community Involvement: American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE), Swim Club, and the Honors College.

Fun Fact: I am an artist, and I love creating art in my spare time. In fact, I am pursuing a studio art minor at UB! 🎨

What advice do you have for future UB students? 
I would suggest participating in research at UB as soon as possible. Most professors are open to undergraduates in their lab even if they have no prior experience. By gaining firsthand experience, you will become a more viable candidate for other opportunities, like internships.

Ask me about...

  • The Honors College
  • Research opportunities
  •  Internships
  • Clubs
  • Having a minor
  • Living away from home
  • Work-life balance