Kwang Oh Awarded NSF Grant

image of vascular imaging process.
Kwang Oh.

The project, "Microfluidic 3D Capillary Network Test Phantom for Subdermal Vascular Imaging," will be funded by NSF I/UCRC CITeR (Center for Identification Technology Research).

Leveraging the expertise of the Sensors and MicroActuators Learning Lab (SMALL) in both microfluidics and test phantoms, Associate Professor Kwang Oh's project will create a physiologically accurate model of the human finger. It will be acoustically, electrically, and optically equivalent to that of the human finger. This finger test phantom will include dermotographic features, such as ridge valley structures, digital arteries, bone, fat, muscle, and a fully functioning 3 dimensional (3D) capillary network. Subdermal vascular networks can be used another form of a biometric providing a high level of security. Being able to have a controlled test phantom (i.e., blood flow, heart rate, bone structure, fat and muscle thickness, as well as a known capillary design) will allow for advanced sensor/algorithm testing, validation, and calibration.

Published June 13, 2016