Our Advisory Board

EE's Advisory Board is comprised of industrial, government and academic leaders who are generally undergraduate and graduate alumni of the department and thus invested in its success. Their role is to provide key external input to the department chair to help accomplish the department’s goals.

Fred Hermann


Managing Director, TH Business Advisors, LLC

Timothy J. Klein


President, CEO and co-founder, ATTO Technology


Ram Krishnamurthy, PhD Senior Principal Engineer, High Performance Circuits Research,
Intel Labs, Intel Corporation

Michael Orlovsky


Senior Scientist, L3 Harris
Chris Scinta

Partner and COO, Allied Circuits


Christopher J. Scolese


Director, US National Reconaissance Office
Subbarao Vanka

President of NW Engineering Consultants, Inc.


Atif Zafar, MD CTO, bRANE Technologies
VP Clinical Applications, Meridian Cardiovascular Systems
Business Development Manager, ARPTeck

Past Members

Patrick Dowd, PhD


Chief Technical Officer and City Planner, Bridgewater Associates


Michael Fetto

VP of Engineering, Bird Technologies Group


John V. Pilitsis, PhD
(Advisory Board Chair)
Co-Founder and CEO (retired), Cyoptics, Inc.

Steven H. Voldman, PhD


IEEE Fellow; Steven Voldman, LLC