About Us

In the Department of Electrical Engineering, our research generates the knowledge, tools and leadership needed to address society’s largest and most challenging problems in natural and built environments.  We challenge traditional notions of problem-solving and generate creative and groundbreaking solutions.

  • 10/26/17
    A warm welcome from Jonathan Bird, PhD
  • 8/21/19
    Electrical Engineering is everywhere! It is a part of every industry, from power generation and distribution to environmental, manufacturing, semiconductor, optics and telecommunications technologies. Almost everything we use in our daily lives contains a chip that implements a communication protocol or a sophisticated signal processing algorithm.
  • 6/4/20
    Our mission is to serve our constituencies by providing a high-quality, relevant, and accessible education at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • 4/10/19
    Our faculty leadership and administrative staff are here to assist all members of the EE community in achieving goals in education, research and service.
  • 10/30/19
    We welcome students from around the world, across New York State or from our own backyard, to study electrical engineering. Our graduates are recruited by top employers from industry, government and national research laboratories.
  • 10/22/20
    EE's Advisory Board is comprised of industrial, government and academic leaders who are generally undergraduate and graduate alumni of the department and thus invested in its success. Their role is to provide key external input to the department chair to help accomplish the department’s goals.
  • 8/24/17
    The University at Buffalo has three campuses: the North Campus in suburban Amherst, the South Campus on Main Street in a North Buffalo neighborhood and the growing Downtown Campus, encompassing several buildings in downtown Buffalo.
  • 8/24/17
    The Buffalo-Niagara region is a major metropolitan area with a diverse blend of communities, each with its own distinct character and all united in a rich panorama of life.
  • 4/30/19
    EE has three conference rooms that may be used by EE faculty, staff and students (Teaching Assistants from EE courses or UB student clubs).
  • 8/24/17
    Please contact us with any questions related to our department.