Frequently Used Forms

EE 496 Undergraduate Internship Request Form

Field experience working on an electrical engineering project in a real-world setting under the joint direction of a supervisor from industry and a faculty advisor from the Department of Electrical Engineering. Projects selected should integrate the material learned in academic courses. 

EE 498 Undergraduate Research Form

Students collaborate with faculty mentors on an ongoing faculty research or creative activity project, or conduct independent research under the guidance of a faculty member. This experience provides students with an inquiry-based learning opportunity and engages them as active learners in a research or creative activity setting. Either the student’s own project or the faculty member’s project to which the student is contributing should utilize the methods for creating new knowledge that are recognized in the field and should result in a unique contribution to the field of knowledge.

For more information about Undergraduate Research at UB, see the Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities website

EE 499 Independent Study Form

Independent study provides the option of individualized student work under the guidance of a faculty member. Independent Study courses are intended to pursue topics that are not currently offered through regular coursework at UB. In some cases, Independent Study may be the focal point in the design of an individual program. In others, it may merely add desired depth or breadth to a student’s formal degree program. To enroll in Independent Study, please identify a member of the faculty willing to sponsor your work, put together a plan and turn in the EE 499 Request Form and supporting documentation for approval of the department.

Petition for Course Credit Outside Your Primary Academic Career

This form is for undergraduate students taking graduate courses.  Policies state that undergraduate students must have junior or senior status and be accepted into a major program, as well as, have an overall grade point average of 3.0, including transfer units. Any additional requirements from the academic department must be met and students must be registered in at least 12 undergraduate units in addition to the graduate units during this semester in order to sustain TAP and other financial support. It is strongly recommended no incomplete grades are pending on your academic record. 

Please complete and submit the form below to EE Academic Coordinator, Mary Busch at 230 Davis Hall. 

Petition for Course Credit Outside Your Primary Academic Career