Areas of Research

Our faculty, students and researchers are actively engaged in research in the areas of Networking and Communications; Electronics and Photonics; and Power and Energy Systems.

Networking & Communications faculty carry out research on fundamental aspects of signal acquisition, data representation, transmission, and processing, single and multi-user wireless point-to-point and networked communications.


Faculty in the area of Electronics & Photonics undertake research into cutting-edge electronic and optoelectronic devices and circuits, with broad application to state-of-the-art technologies. These include high-performance, high-speed, computer and communication networks, photovoltaics, electric vehicles, and "smart" medical devices.


The Power & Energy Systems Area focuses on various aspects of the generation, storage, transmission, and distribution of electric power. The program integrates energy systems research with research in energy control, efficiency improvement, demand side management, power quality and economics, renewable resources and integration, and smart grid communications.