Our Students and Alumni

We welcome students from around the world, across New York State or from our own backyard, to study electrical engineering. Our graduates are recruited by top employers from industry, government and national research laboratories.

Our graduates are employed by such companies as 3M, ADAS Sensing, Air Products, Amazon Robotics, Apex Clean Energy, Apple, BAE Systems Inc., BlackRock, Bose Corporation, Cargomatrix, Inc., Cisco, Cognex Corporation, Corning Inc., Dupont, Eaton, Exponent, Facebook, FedEx Services, Fisher Price, Ford Motor Company, Fox Networks Group, General Electric, General Motors, Global Foundries, Google, IBM, IDEX Biometrics, IMA LIFE North America, Intel, Lockheed Martin, Luminus Devices, MACOM, Mahle, Marvell Semiconductor,  Mass. Electric Construction Co. Moog, NSA, NASA, NCAR Earth Observing Laboratory, National Grid, NIO, North American Lighting, Inc., NVXL Technology, Inc., NYISO, ON Semiconductor, Oracle, Orbital Sciences Corporation, Philips Healthcare,  Praxair, Quadgen Wireless Solutions, Qualcomm, Rockwell Collins, Samsung, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Scientific Games, SECO/WARWICK, SEL, Siemens Industry, Inc., Silicon Labs, Tesla, Texas Instruments, Turner Construction Co., US Department of Energy, Wayfair, Western Digital, Whirlpool Corporation...just to name a few!

  • Anish Dutta
    "The Department's concern towards the well-being of its students is one of the most valuable aspects of UB Electrical Engineering. Couple that with a vibrant classroom of students from different parts of the world, distinguished professors working on advanced research projects, giving you a chance to take part, gradually teaching you core professional values, forms a winning combination."
  • Sanjeev Tannirkulam Chandrasekaran
    "Working in industry as an intern taught me how to stay organized, prioritize my tasks and focus on the important aspects of the problem at hand."
  • Jordan Radice
    "As an EE Undergraduate Research Scholar, I got a lot of hands-on experience working in the cleanroom. I learned about the semiconductor fabrication process which helped develop my view on semiconductors and microelectronics as a whole."
  • Ashwin Channawar
    "I will be forever grateful to the UB for the education I received. I would not be the engineer I am - nor be at this good place in my life - if it had not been for UB."
  • Sunny Agrawal
    "The Department offering of courses such as MIMO, IOT, Smart Antenna, Nano wireless networks makes the field of wireless communication stand out when compared to other universities. This was the reason I chose to pursue my graduate studies at UB."
  • Yanshu Li
    "The professors in the EE department were very accessible to me. I received lots of guidance, even from professors other than my advisor."
  • Luke Zakrajsek
    National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship Winner Luke Zakrajsek started his research as an EE Undergraduate Research Scholar and decided to continue at UB in pursuit of graduate study.
  • Nikhil Komawar
    " I've worked on international projects in  Microgrid, Power System Automation and Control. My job has given me the opportunity to meet with industry leaders from different countries and travel the globe."
  • Christopher Scolese
    "The UB education has allowed me to explore the farthest reaches of our universe, put instruments and spacecraft on the surfaces of other planets, and to explore and understand our earth in new and better ways."
  • Sreya Harshad Vedant
    "I had the liberty to experiment taking different courses, learn from my mistakes, work on new projects outside my comfort zone, and use my time at UB as a platform to try and understand my interests and the my strengths to make an informed decision about my career choice."
  • Andrea Martinez
    "The need for cleaner energy drew me into Electrical engineering, and I knew, as a small school in a big university UB would provide the perfect environment for me."
  • Lynn Sementilli
    "The UB Electrical Engineering department definitely is unique for its faculty and staff. Every member is there to see each student succeed and learn, both during and after our academic careers."
  • Brett Bosinski
    "I chose Electrical Engineering because I wanted a better understanding of how modern technology works in order to be able to develop new technologies that will help shape society for a better future."
  • Hemendra Jaiswal
    "UB engineering gives you the opportunity to excel as long as you are motivated and search for those opportunities in each area of engineering."
  • Ajeya Gupta
    "I did research and it helped me get accustomed to the way a team functions while pursuing research in a organization. Not just research itself, but interacting with my research colleagues at UB gave me a glimpse of culture and work environment in the US."
  • Salvatore Piazza
    "Even though setting up your future can be stressful at times, it should ultimately be enjoyable. I've enjoyed my experiences at UB so far and would return to any of them knowing the outcome. I look forward to what I'll learn both in getting my MS and along my career. I hope to never stop learning."
  • Arshdeep Singh Malik
    "Out of many great experiences, my favorite is the day when we exhibited our final IOT projects in front of professors, local business owners and many other professionals... Experiences where we present our work to the outside world are the greatest motivator of all."
  • Vardaan Monga
    "The prime reason for choosing UB was the flexibility and the variety of coursework offered in the Department. This flexibility really helped me find my true interests. "
  • Jennifer Zirnheld
    “I always urge students to take advantage of a key asset that is available to them — the fact that UB is a top research university. Participation can help to build up their resume and they could discover career paths that they may never have considered.” 
  • Aishwarya Bahudhanam Venkatasubramaniyan
    "I advise students to look out for every possible opportunity around them, be passionate about your interest and never give up trying. It is also important to never stop learning and be curious."
  • Abhilash Kishor Joshi
    "Working at UB lab facilities literally day and night on that (IoT) project changed my life. When I reflect on the value that was instilled - that if we believe that we can change the world positively, then YES, we can!"
  • Sumit Kulkarni
    "UB EE changed my life and has been a brilliant experience that taught me a lot of things. With perseverance, smarts and hard work, any student can achieve their goals by making the most of their time at UB Electrical Engineering."
  • Pratik Patil
    "I learned how processes are really important while working on large projects in an organization and how they help to make complex decisions. Process is everything! "
  • Panos Markopoulos
    " It was at UB and, in particular, the department of Electrical Engineering, that I learned how to be an academic, how to conduct research, and how to communicate my work."
  • Amit Sangwan
    "It's a beautiful experience to be a part of this fusion of different technologies in EE, to create a new smart world and make life better.‚Äč"
  • Ankit Naik
    "The opportunity to get involved in cutting edge research activities in the department, the exhaustive list of courses offered, and the chance to learn from experienced professors who are pioneers in their field, is what makes UB Electrical Engineering special."
  • Pulkit Hanswal
    "I firmly believe that i have been able to get a job in my dream company because of the UB coursework, faculty and some really interesting projects that I did during my masters."
  • Liam Christie
    "UB engineering gives you the opportunity to excel as long as you are motivated and search for those opportunities in each area of engineering."
  • Mike Randle
    "Electrical Engineering blends the beauty of theory with the practicality of an Engineering degree. We learn enough in our classes to get us started, and are given the tools necessary to pursue a greater understanding if we so desire."
  • Jhonnathan Chang Wu
    "We are fortunate to be in a very international-focused school, as UB has one of the largest International Student bodies in the country.  I get to meet people from every corner of the world, by getting involved in the activities here at UB."
  • Shibo Yang
    "My internship was really important to my training.  I learned how to cooperate with teammates to build a product and I loved the creativity of tech in San Francisco."
  • Ronita Bose
    "The modern, hands-on, industry relatable engineering curriculum at UB as well as the stellar faculty convinced me to make UB my home for my four years of college."