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Optics image.



A rainbow-colored grating, about 25 millimeters wide, under sunlight. Enlarged microscope images show the graded surface, with the black bars indicating a length of 10 microns.



  • 8/24/17
    Our faculty members are actively engaged in research in the areas of Signals, Communications and Networking; Solid State Electronics; Optics and Photonics; and Energy Systems. We challenge traditional notions of problem-solving and generate creative and groundbreaking solutions.
  • 4/7/21
    Our faculty and students have made important and internationally recognized contributions to engineering, science and technology.
  • 7/25/13
    See research accomplishments and recogition of our faculty and students, from honors to publications to sponsored research awards. 
  • 6/9/20
    The Department of Electrical Engineering resides in Davis Hall, a green building with state-of-the-art research laboratory facilities, teaching labs and lecture halls, designed to support collaboration among faculty and student groups within the department, across the university, and with other institutions.
  • 8/24/17
    Networking the oceans. Creating faster reliable wireless networks for the booming industry of wireless communication services and the Internet of Things. Reducing electronic devices to the nanoscale. Improving our ability to detect cancer. Making the electrical grid more efficient.  Designing low cost medical imaging and health monitoring devices. Bringing accurate, portable, and affordable disease diagnostic tools at the point of care. Enabling machine learning that extracts reliable information from unreliable data.